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Why Choose Our Teamoneguybizman

There are six hallmarks of Scotlandyard Security Services, Inc. that distinguish it from other security guard firms:

1. Long-term stability of ownership and management. Virtually all managers and most supervisors have in excess of 12 years of experience with Scotlandyard, while the owner/founder. Garnett C. Littlepage, has been in that capacity since he founded the firm in 1987.

2. Low employee turnover rate. Scotlandyard will only perform contracts on which it can pay its employees a decent, living wage. This keeps its turnover very low.

3. Rigorous quality assurance program. This is based upon the use of key performance indicators, prompt corrective actions, continuous process improvement and surveys of clients weekly as to their satisfaction with our services.

4. Very limited number of layers of management. This enables Scotlandyard to respond quickly and decisively to changing client needs in personnel, operations, invoicing, levels and character of service and client inquiries. All clients receive the cell phone numbers of Scotlandyard's President, Vice President, Operations Director, Site and Shift Supervisors.

5. Proprietary officer training program. This is usually tailored to meet the service needs of specific clients and designed to meet rigorous GSA federal government standards.

6. Three optional levels of service. Uniformed officers that are not armed, uniformed officers that are certified under Act 235 to carry lethal weapons, such as batons, and uniformed officers that are certified under Act 235 to carry firearms. Scotlandyard offers clients three possible levels of service at the same time to meet the need for varying levels of security.