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We look forward to hearing from you

With offices throughout the Commonwealth, we are located near you. Please contact your nearest office for service or question. Your time is valuable to us and we want to make certain you get to the right place the very first time you contact us.

Meeting the new challenges and demands placed on the security profession, Scotlandyard has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that our staff is trained to respond to any and all security situations. Scotlandyard offers well-groomed, first-class security officers that will provide dependable, responsible and exceptional security services.

 Contact List by City
Philadelphia Office (Main) Garnett Littlepage - Chairman & CEO  
2243 W. Allegheny Ave. Omar Wilson - President
Philadelphia, PA 19132 Desmond Irving - Chief Financial Officer
215-430-0400 Jeudy Tuot - Human Resources Director
  David Pratt - Assistant Vice President
  William Littlepage - Field Supervsior
  Darryl Evans - Field Supervsior
  Paul Masri - Site Security Director
  Gwendolyn Hawkins - Site Supervisor
  Jeanie Falter -Subpoena Services Manager
  John Young-El - Field Supervisor
  Frank Estrada - Site Supervisor
  Paul Grant - Night Services Supervisor
  Darren Collington - Virtual Visitation Assistant
  Daniella Quehl - Payroll Manager
  Temicherie Brooks - HR Assistant
  Maxine McIntyre - Director Virtual Visitation
  Carolyn Hayes - Dispatch Manager
Harrisburg, PA Kenyetta Williams - Site Manager
829 State Street, Suite 205 Julius Sweet - Site Supervisor
Lemoyne, PA 17043    
Pittsburgh, PA Brian Tubridy - Security Manager
5001 Baum Blvd., Suite 445 Karen Hines - Field Supervisor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213