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Subpoena Delivery Service

bldg1Scotlandyard offers process server services to serve your subpoena or other legal document, we are here to help, with guaranteed process serving in five counties in the Philadelphia area, witness subpoenas, federal subpoenas, and attorney subpoenas to be used in cases pending in the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania, Civil Court of the City of Philadelphia, Family Court of the State of Pennsylvania, Unemployment Insurance Board of the State of Pennsylvania, Probate Court, Municipal Court and United States District Court in Philadelphia. We remove the headache and hassle of dealing with the system by being your one-stop location to address this very important aspect of due process. We are here to serve you and depending on your specific need we bring the right resources and personnel to bear.

Virtual Visitation Service

bldg2This high tech videoconferencing program allows families to visit in "real time" with their loved one who is incarcerated. Families can schedule a once a month in our Philadelphia, Pittsburg and Erie offices.

The goal of this service is to help those incarcerated to stay connected to their families. As we know, some loved ones cannot travel to prison locations due to their age, inadequate or non existent transportation, or disabilities. The virtual visit allows families to see their loved ones, creating stronger ties within the family which increases the stability of the incarcerated persons family, and helps prepare for his/her successful reentry into the community. More time interacting with a strong and consistent outside support group leads to a greater likelihood of building a better, more productive life upon release.

bldg1Executive Security

We provide the highest quality and professional security services in the industry.  Our client list extends throughout the Tri-State area (Philadelphia, New York, and Delaware) and beyond.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, comprehensive service offerings, and effective response. Each situation is unique, as are our approaches to customizing a security solution for our clients. Scotlandyard Security offers a wide range of services, including armed and unarmed security services.We are a professional organization with a specific purpose: ensuring Client safety and security.  Our teams can be deployed anywhere there is a need and implement and manage your security solution.


bldg2Scotlandyard Security investigations a variety of work related claims to examine their validity. Businesses must be diligent in protecting themselves against such fraud. It is estimated that untrue accusations and court costs waste billions of dollars each year. A detailed, thorough investigation is the only way to safeguard your business. Whether it be workman’s compensation, theft, malicious threats to do material or physical harm, our team of professional investigators will work earnestly on your behalf. If you run your own business, or otherwise are responsible for employees, workers, or contractors, or if you interact with the public, an investigation can help ensure you are prepared to go to court. In many cases, with the right information, you can settle matters outside of court. If you are unsure, you can contact Scotlandyard Security and we'll help you determine next steps.

Questions? Please call us at 215.430.0400 or email us for a quick response.

Maintaining family contact during incarceration can be beneficial to both children and their parents. It is generally thought that maintaining parent-child contact through personal visits during incarceration is important for the well-being of many children, although little empirical evidence exists on that point. Some research indicates that visiting is important in maintaining parent-child relationships and increases the likelihood of successful reunification after release. With regard to the incarcerated, several studies found that maintenance of family ties during incarceration is linked to post-release success.